We are back to share our featured rescue story for the month of May! Luna is one of our Spring Ambassadors and we are excited to learn more about her story.

Meet Luna

                                                               Image courtesy of @ladyluna_wi

I was about a month old when I was found behind a gas station in Playa del Carmen, Mexico along with my seven siblings and our mom. Someone very kind alerted a local shelter and brought us in where we were all taken care of! 

My mom was scrolling through social media when she glanced upon my picture. Instantly, an application was submitted and the wait to hear back had begun.

Coincidentally, she has relatives who have volunteered at this shelter in the past and were planning on visiting again when I was four months old!

I was approved to fly back with them to Minneapolis, where I was picked up and brought back to my forever home 🥰


We love this sweet photo of baby Luna and Dog Mom Alex! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

                                                   Image courtesy of @ladyluna_wi


Interested in sharing your rescue story? Email us at hello@missypupandco.com for more details!

May 05, 2021 — Heather Hildebrandt

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