Welcome to our very first rescue story in our monthly series! We are excited to feature stories from our community about how our fellow dog moms and dads rescued or found their dogs. Without further ado, let’s get into our first story!


image courtesy of @thejedi_pups

From Dog Mom Naomi:

My husband and I have always been dog people and animal lovers all around!

When we started dating we both had family dogs that we loved dearly and we actually lost them both in the same week. ☹️ It was super hard and we were dying to get a dog, but we had lived in three places that wouldn’t allow us to have animals. I would constantly talk about having a dog and my husband would tell me that we would get the perfect dogs when we are able to.

We finally moved a week after we got married into a house that allowed animals and we literally adopted our dogs the same day we moved! 🥰🥰

We have always wanted to save from a kill shelter or rescue, so we found an amazing shelter two hours away. We saw Obi and instantly fell in love. We inquired about him and he was being fostered by someone who was fostering some other animals, and she asked if we wanted to meet his best friend, Rey!! They had only been in foster care together for a week and instantly became inseparable and best friends. Obi was in one of the worst kill shelters in Tennessee where he was outside 24/7 so he really hates water.


                                 image courtesy of @thejedi_pups

We are so happy we saved them and I love them so much. It was completely worth the wait like my husband always told me! ❤️❤️


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April 07, 2021 — Heather Hildebrandt

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