Thank you for visiting our boutique! My name is Heather, the dog mom, and Missy is the pup. She is my first dog and what people would call my “soul dog.” She’s snuggly, playful, and a big lover of people. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better dog for my very first one.

My love for shopping small businesses and finding unique gifts for my friends & family runs deep. After Missy came into my life, I found myself quickly searching for dog-related gifts and accessories. I loved shopping for her, but also started to look for things for me too! I struggled to find what I was looking for; subtle and timeless items that weren't over the top, and had an eye-catching aesthetic not often found in larger dog store brands.

That was when I had my “aha moment." I love gift/clothing boutiques and the experience you feel when entering a beautifully curated store. What if that concept could transfer to dog goods?

Enter Missy Pup & Co. I named our boutique after Missy because of how much joy she’s brought to my life. She has connected me to hundreds of dog lovers throughout the country who share a common love.

We hope you enjoy the items and experience you have with us. Follow us on Instagram to get to know Missy and I better and see our day to day!